Hey! I'm Eli. As the creator of Wilde Influence and the top performing corporate trainer for Tony Robbins, I’ve worked with thousands of people to transform their lives and businesses.
If it has to do with influence, impact, and communicating your message, I can help. 
There are 10 things the most influential entrepreneurs and leaders do differently. Want in on their secrets? Download my free guide, The Art Of Enrollment today:
Meet some of my clients:
Mark Addy

"Eli is a game changer! Since joining influence mastery and working with Eli, my results have exploded! Within three weeks of coaching with Eli, I landed the biggest account of my career! I've had a very successful career in the financial services industry for 18+ years, and I've never closed an account even remotely close in size to this one! I've worked with several other prominent coaches over the years and they've all been great. Eli has help me take my game to a whole new level!"

- Christopher Schloeman

"After 8 years of door to door and high ticket sales experience and leading teams, I was hungry to take it to the next level but didn't know what I was getting myself into by working with Eli. Ho. Lee. Smokes. EVERY single training he's led I've had my mind absolutely blown multiple times. He is a gift to the world of sales and influence! I closed $180k in personal sales my first month of Eli’s coaching." 

- Ben Gower 
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